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Hello, dear visitor!

We've reached our goal!

Thank you very much for your donations this month! Let's move foward and focus on next month! Any donations processed now will go towards funding next month.

Thank you for your support, it helps the community keep growing.

Monthly Goal: €80

This is our monthly goal. This is the amount of donations we need every month to keep Lsrcr alive.

100% Funded
€158.24 Donated
Chaos Latest Donator

Many thanks to our last 10 donors below:


Los Santos Roleplay Cops and Robbers (Ls-rcr) is a gaming community, which provides a free SA-MP server and website for everyone to enjoy.

Even though the services we provide are free to use, it doesn't mean it's free for us to provide them. Hosting a SA-MP server with about a hundred players online, and keeping the playing experince lag-free and enjoyable, requires us to rent a powerful server with a fast internet connection. This costs money.

To cover these costs, we are kindly asking for your help — a donation.

Not only does the donation help the community to stay alive, we also give you donation points (DPs) in return. With them you may purchase additional privileges from our donation shop.

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