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by Hiresh » January 10, 2023, 12:27 am
As you may know, as of V10 it is now possible to own businesses. I will try my best to make it more clear in-game how it works, but for now I will write here explaining the specifics as to how it works.

Purchasing a business:

To purchase a business you can go into all shops (as long as it has a shopkeeper) and type /business or /shop. You will see two options: 1. Buy business, 2. Show business information.

Before you want to purchase the business you would want to know some information for example how much you would earn with it. This can be seen in the business information section.

Business manager:

Spoiler: show

Upon buying a business, you will have access to the business manager using /shop or /business, this is where you manage your business.

Business info

Spoiler: show

This dialog basically shows the same information you originally saw in the dialog from /shop, except it shows your insurance status aswell, we will get into that later.

Spoiler: show

As you can see in this dialog you can see how much your vault is able to hold and how much is currently in your vault. You are also able to take the money out of your vault here and see some other information such as the total loss from robberies & covered by insurance.

Manage supplies

Spoiler: show

This is a pretty important one, since you only get paid when you have more than 0% supplies. The default supply capacity for every business is 100.0% which can be upgraded (for a big price right now, maybe changed in the future). In case you find your supply bar low (it will show you a red color instead of green shown in the picture) you can start legal or illegal supply missions.

Legal supply missions: You will be given a location where you need to load supplies into your vehicle and drive back to your business, gives a small % supplies, but safe to do.

Illegal supply missions: You will be given a location where you have to find and steal something. Upon stealing it you will get wanted level, however if you manage to successfully deliver it your business, you will get more supplies % than with legal missions.

Sell business

Spoiler: show

You are also able to sell your business just like houses for a set amount, during this period you will not be able to access the business manager. And you are not able to use this to avoid going bankrupt.

Earning money through your business:

So of course, the reason you bought your business, to earn cash. As long as you have more than 0% supplies, your business will earn money passively every 30 minutes (this will eventually add up to the given revenue in the information sections). However you are able to lose that money two ways:

1. Robberies - if someone robs your shop, it will get robbed out of your vault. You can prevent this by buying insurance at the bank, note that this is not cheap so buying a business at a crowded place might not be the best idea if you don't have a lot of money.
2. No supplies - when you run out of supplies, money will be taken from your vault instead and you can go to a minimum of -$500 in your vault.

Losing your business:

So, these businesses are mainly owned by active players. There are three ways of losing your business:

1. Inactivity - if you haven't logged in for 7 days, players will be able to buy your business.
2. Bankrupt - you can go bankrupt if you have -$500 in your vault & and you have 0 supplies, basically the business not being maintained. Whenever you reach these conditions the bankrupt state will be active meaning you have 5 days to up your supplies & vault, else the business will be set for sale.
3. Not paying the rent - Every month you'll have the option to pay the rent for the business, if you decide not to pay it, your business will go for sale

- Each business type has a different insurance, revenue & vault capacity.
- When someone purchases something from your business, a small percentage will go into your vault.
- Revenue in business are not in-game days, but IRL days.

If the player businesses gets an update, I'll make sure to update this topic aswell. If something is still unclear for you feel free to ask!

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