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by Astrl » March 28, 2024, 10:26 pm
Hi everyone,

Please make sure that you read this post carefully and understand the seriousness!

There has been a case of malicious files being shared with our community through the Discord server and our forums. We are disappointed that this has happened under our watch and we can only apologise that this slipped through the net.

Some of you may have heard rumours about this and in an effort to be open & transparent with you, we wanted to share as much detail as we can. Please understand that we could only do this once we had a full understanding of the scale and severity of the issue. As this is an ongoing investigation, updates may follow in the form of replies if anything further develops.

These files were distributed in the form of mods for SAMP. The modifications were shared on our forums by a well known user (Meow) as they were specifically created for Ls-rcr. This alone attracted a number of players to download and use them.

For the time being, we highly suggest playing with a known clean copy of GTA SA & SAMP - we cannot provide you with a copy to use.

We would also suggest that you make sure your PC is clean by checking for any viruses or malware - a common & free tool to use is Malware Bytes - https://www.malwarebytes.com/

What we know to have been compromised:
Please note that this list only applies if you played with Meow’s modifications. Ls-rcr services have NOT been directly compromised as a result of this. To be absolutely clear; for your account to be compromised or your computer to be infected, you would have needed to have installed and used these modifications.

I cannot stress this enough, we do not know for certain what has been shared or logged.

The following is a list of things we know have been logged / seen:
  • Passwords

  • IP addresses

  • Hostname of your PC (Not sensitive in itself, but it can view more than just SAMP on your PC)

  • Private messages (sent / received)

  • Admin commands used

  • Whispers (/w)

  • Group messages (/gm)

  • If your account was compromised, your private UCP pages would be visible (logs, messages, support requests etc.)

  • What we need from you:
  • If you use OR used any of Meow’s modifications, delete and reinstall GTA SA & SAMP.

  • If you know anyone who used Meow’s modifications, share this post with them ASAP - spread the word!

  • If you use OR used any of Meow’s modifications, we strongly urge you to change your password ASAP.

  • Review your recent logins and logins from different locations on the UCP - raise a support ticket if anything looks unusual / suspicious - https://ls-rcr.com/ucp/?p=logs

  • What we are going to do:
  • We are temporarily closing & hiding the modifications section on the forum.

  • We are reaching out to all known users that have used Meow’s mods.

  • We will also be searching for any indicators of compromise on player accounts (we won’t disclose exactly how we’re going to be doing this but rest assured we are working on it).
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