Faraon - Supporter Application [13.11.23]

If you have a passion for helping for others, become a support official. Read more about our supporter scheme here.
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by Faraon78910 » November 13, 2023, 10:42 am
In-game name: Faraon
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Motivation: Hey everyone. I'm eager to join the supporter team. I've been part of this community for a decade, and I believe I possess extensive knowledge about the server. I consistently stay updated with the latest changes and thoroughly understand the server's rules and functions. Helping others is especially important to me, particularly in this time with fewer players around. I aim to ensure that all new players feel welcomed, have a fantastic experience, and receive the right answers to their questions. I believe I fulfill the necessary criteria and am dedicated to further assisting players and maintaining their engagement within the server. Thank you for considering my application.
Do you agree to follow all supporter guidelines and declare a genuine interest in supporting the community through your role? Yes

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