Ak33L - Supporter Application [11.01.24] - Accepted

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by AK33L » January 10, 2024, 10:51 pm
In-game name: Ak33L
Join date: 05 Jan, 2015
Motivation: Well, I’ve been part of the team for years. I’ve helped in the past and would like to do it once again. We’re already low on the numbers of players, many left and new ones are coming, so why not give a helping hand to attend the newcomers to have fun along with us where it would help to increase the numbers again. I believe I’ve been here a while now and would like to offer a helping hand for the community.
Do you agree to follow all supporter guidelines and declare a genuine interest in supporting the community through your role? Yes.
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by oxy » February 26, 2024, 12:45 pm

Congratulations. Your role will play a crucial part in ensuring our players have a positive and enjoyable experience, and we are confident that you have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this role.

Your supporter rights have been assigned - use /adr to respond to /ask messages.
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