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General Rules (Last update: 19.04.2019)

Ls-rcr - General Rules

Server rules


  1. The accounts at Ls-rcr are personal, and must not be shared or traded with other people. Selling or giving your account to another person is forbidden. Doing so will result in a strict punishment.

Respect Others

  1. Do not disrespect another player. Disrespecting may include, but is not limited to: threatening, mocking, racism, bullying, provoking, bitching. Purposely saying something that will offend or annoy another player is forbidden.
  2. Do not send any malicious files, such as viruses, worms, ransomware, trojan horses, rootkits, keyloggers, dialers, spyware, adware or other harmful files to other people.
  3. Do not send any executable files or scripts to other players.
  4. You are not allowed to impersonate other users. Any accounts impersonating already existing players will immediately be locked without compensation of stats.
  5. Do not deliberately annoy another player. Purposely provoking a player to evoke a reaction is forbidden. An example would be constantly following and ramming a player.
  6. Try to avoid ALL talk of religion in the mainchat.

Mature & Copyrighted Content

  1. You may not share or send mature content, such as porn using any of our services.
  2. You may not share or send copyright protected content using any of our services.

Bugs & Errors

  1. All bugs, glitches and other errors in any of our services must be reported to a system administrator immediately. Exploiting a bug or failing to report one may lead to closing and/or banning your account.

No Deathmatching

  1. Shooting innocent players or police officers when you are innocent or a police officer.
  2. Shooting another player that you raped/robbed/etc if they do not open fire first.
  3. Randomly attacking other players without a legitimate reason (ie. they robbed/raped you) is not allowed. This includes carparking and heliblading.
  4. You are not allowed to carry out your own hit. (Exception for Pagati).
  5. You can only kill players that have successfully robbed/raped you. If a player fails to do so due to a cork or wallet, you are not allowed to kill him.
  6. You're not allowed to help your friend kill someone when he was the only one that got raped/robbed.
  7. You are allowed to shoot a vehicle when the driver is not wanted and the passenger is wanted (orange/red) (He is responsible for who he takes in his vehicle).
  8. You are allowed to shoot a vehicle when the passenger has a hit and the driver does not have a hit (He is responsible for who he takes in his vehicle).
  9. Use of melee weapons (excluding chainsaw) and/or fists to kill a player is allowed no matter what the case and thus, is not reportable as DM. However, constantly following a player to repeatedly melee (ram, heliblade, etc.) him to death will be counted as provoking/b*tching and will be handled as such.
  10. Using drive-by (in a car or on a bike/motorcycle) to kill a player that is innocent, has not done anything to you (successfully robbed/raped), or is a cop while you are innocent is counted as deathmatching and is also forbidden.

No Spamming/Advertising

  1. Posting the same or similar content multiple times is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to the chat, /me, /pm, /report, /ask, and /adm. A nice thing to keep in mind is that you should not, under any circumstances, post the same content more than 3 times in a row (back to back), as this is counted as spam.
  2. Advertising anything not related to Lsrcr is not allowed. This includes other server IPs, teamspeak IPs and/or websites not pertinent to Lsrcr.

No Abuse of Commands

  1. Using /rp to make a player wanted or increase a player's wanted level. You must always have a valid role-play reason when using the command. Reasons include, but are not limited to:
    • Attempted robbery, rape, attemped break of cuffs.
    • Holding a weapon in public.
    • Assault.
    • Reckless driving.
    • Damaging property.
  2. You may not use /tune to avoid your vehicle from being damaged under any circumstances.
  3. Using /fall or any other command used in order to avoid death or damage is strictly forbidden. This means that if someone is shooting you, you’re not allowed to use animations in order to avoid the bullets. It’s not allowed to use animations in order to avoid fall damage either.

No Cheating/Abusing which includes

  1. Any kind of tools or modifications that may give you an unfair advantage over another member. Make sure that any mods you have do not give you an advantage over another player who does not have the modification.
  2. Use of key binders is forbidden and considered cheating unless you are a group/faction tester using them for group/faction testing purposes (text only, not commands).
  3. Aiding a cheater or failing to report one.
  4. Naming any cheat tools in the mainchat and/or via PM.
  5. C-Bug is not allowed and is bannable.
  6. You are not allowed to use the mega bike jump unless none of the players have any reason to shoot at you. (This includes a successful rob/rape and/or being wanted / having a hit)
  7. No escape/alt+tab abuse.
  8. Abuse of cuffs is strictly forbidden. You are, however, allowed to leave a hostile player cuffed. Hostile players include but are not limited to: players punching you (or using other melee weapons), hitmen (if you have a hit), etc. NOTE: You are not allowed to cuff and then uncuff hitmen in order to get a kill on them.
  9. You can’t have a modified skin that give you an advantage e.g. smaller skin to have a smaller hitbox. etc.
  10. Pressing G to go through objects is not allowed (G abuse). That also applies when you try to leave/enter an area.
  11. You are not allowed to refill your armour more than once from weapon checkpoints if players are trying to kill you.

NOTE: If you are unsure if a mod is allowed, do not use it. Ask an administrator first to avoid getting in trouble if you're found with it later. We are not responsible if you decide to use it before asking and it turns out to be against the rules. You will be punished accordingly. "I didn't know" isn't an excuse.

Other rules:

  1. You can place a hit contract on someone if you:

    • Were arrested / fined by the player
    • Were killed or damaged by the player
    • Were raped/robbed by the player
    • Had your vehicle damaged/destroyed by the player
    • Were stalked by the player (followed for a long time)
    • Were insulted by the player (Ignore minor insults using /ignore)
    • Were attempted robbed/raped/kidnaped/arrested by the player
    • Had a hit contract placed on you by the player
    • Reasons to hit expire after 5 minutes
  2. You are allowed to go AFK whenever you want, we cannot force people to leave the server.
  3. You're not allowed to leave the game right after being tazed/cuffed, or trying to escape from law enforcement, if you do, it is accounted for as jail-evading (You are not allowed to join for 1 hour).
  4. Entering an interior while getting chased is allowed, except if you’re entering fight club and the player chasing you is a law enforcement agent, or if you're entering a group building that regular players won't have access to.
  5. 'Plane-terrorist' will be considered as bitching if it happens more than one time. Heliblading the same players repeatedly will also be considered bitching.
  6. You may not sell donator points for real life money.
  7. You aren't allowed to scoreboost (repeatedly sell items/weapons or anything that gives score, to another player). This also includes telling a player you will /release them if they allow you to kidnap them.
  8. Cops and criminals are allowed to team up but the death match rules will stay the same.
  9. Only use /ask or /adm if you have to say something serious and SAMP related.
  10. Water cannon abuse is not allowed and the water cannon can only be used on suspects. (orange/red).
  11. Death Evade is allowed as long as you're not hit evading.
  12. You cannot leave to evade the kidnap timer or any timer prevented to create scoreboosting. This will increase scoreboosting punishment.
  13. You're allowed to leave innocent hitmen cuffed if they are trying to kill you for a hit contract. You are not allowed to cuff them in order to get a kill on them though.
  14. You may not kidnap or drag an AFK player (hourglass showing above the player's head).
  15. Pressing G in an unoccupied car (no driver) whilst in a fight is allowed.
  16. LEOs are allowed to camp in/enter safe zones while being chased (by hitmen or criminals).
  17. Camping in a base is allowed (with the gates closed) as long as the base it's reachable by air or water. You are however not allowed to enter a base and close the gates while being actively chased by someone.
  18. Camping inside the Black Market is allowed (criminals), so is camping outside of it (LEOs). However, if innocents wish to enter it LEOs should leave the area. 19.You are not allowed to sell hotdogs right next to checkpoints. You are also not allowed to be away from keyboard whilst selling hotdogs.


  1. You may only own one non-donation house at a time. This limitation may not be circumvented by creating another account. Any users found guilty of this will have their houses revoked and their accounts locked.
  2. When a donation house is bought with in-game money and/or jailcards/DPs from one player to another, it automatically becomes a non-donation house.

Donation items

  1. You may not trade other donation items other than get out of jail cards and duel cards with other players.
  2. Players with donation points, jailcards or duel cards are free to sell them to others players. However, players wishing to buy these items cannot make direct enquiries to those with donation points, jail cards or duel cards, instead they may post trade requests on the forums or can ask if anyone wishes to trade using main chat ingame.

Scamming is allowed, but scams must follow these guidelines:

  1. Lsrcr tagged players may not scam. (Rule applies to those that have lost their tag but have had it once)
  2. You may only scam up to $3,000,000 if you do not have the Lsrcr tag (pay $3,000,001 to not get scammed).
  3. If you have the Lsrcr tag and scam somebody, you will lose your tag and receive a 3 day ban. You’re not allowed to scam somebody if you ever had the tag either. (tag rules apply to players who lost it as well)
  4. You may not scam donator points. If you scam someone out of in-game cash, and you were selling the points, you will be banned for 3 days per DPoint.
  5. You may not scam jail cards. Scamming someone out of jail cards will lead to a 3 day ban per card. If you scam someone out of in-game cash, and you were selling the cards, you will be banned for 1 day per card.
  6. You may not scam donator items. Scamming someone out of donator items will lead to a 3 day ban per items. If you scam someone out of in-game cash, and you were selling the item, you will be banned for 1 day per item.
  7. You may not scam anyone with under 500 score.
  8. As a scammer, any items gained in an scam that do not follow these guidelines will be given back to their owners and any items you lost in the scam will remain lost. Moreover, any items that you were "selling" to the other player will be given to the other player.

Respect The Server:

  1. Do not forward your reports or unban applications to administrators unless you have a really good reason to. For instance, it really needs to be rushed or only that administrator would be able to handle it.
  2. Avoid using caps lock.
  3. Avoid always using inappropriate words, meaning don't just constantly use them in the mainchat. If you want to joke around with a friend like that, try to take it to /pm instead.
  4. Do not post any links in main chat. (You’re allowed to post official LSRCR links like or
  5. Do not make /q and/or /reconnect jokes as a way of tricking players to closing/restarting their connection to the server.
  6. Do not lie to an administrator in any way.
  7. Threatening, claiming or actually going through with hacking and/or DDoSing players is forbidden.
  8. Threatening to attack (DDoS) and/or hack the server is NOT allowed. Also, claiming you have attacked or hacked the server is just as bad, same with actually going through with it, completely forbidden.
  9. You are not allowed to ban evade for any reason.
  10. Forcing players to leave the server to play another game is forbidden. (You cannot force a player to leave the server to play / do something else, you have to wait until the user leaves ingame and then you may play other games with him.)
  11. Listen to the staff team. If a moderator or an administrator tells you to stop talking about a certain thing in the chat, then you should stop it. So if an administrator tells you to stop talking about religion in the main chat, you have to obey him.
  12. You are not allowed to copy the Ls-rcr content, this includes script, forum content, groups etc.
  13. Encouraging others to hack or break the rules in any way is forbidden.
  14. Do not constantly bother staff members for packets, teleports, events and similar things. This often holds staff members back from helping players who actually need real help.
  15. You are not allowed to speak foreign languages in the main chat (that also includes one words).

Note to all players: If you had the tag at one point, and it was removed for any reason, the rules will still apply to you as if you had the tag (strict punishments and scam restrictions). This is also the case for alternate accounts.

Forum rules

No Spamming/Advertising which includes

  1. Posting the same or similar content more than once
  2. Advertising another business/server/project/etc.
  3. Advertising anything other than things that have to do with Ls-rcr (general links are allowed as long as it doesn't violate any other forum rules).

Respect The Forum

  1. Do not post report links in chats or topics. Admins know the reports are there, and they will get to them as soon as they can.
  2. Avoid using caps lock.
  3. Avoid making or posting in topics that may insight hatred or flaming. If something is wrong, private message an administrator, assistant senior administrator, senior administrator, or the head administrator.
  4. Avoid from indulging in profanity.
  5. Do not lie to an administrator in any way.
  6. Do not go off topic. Go to "The Bar" if you want to be random. Being random does not include being bashful and hateful. Rule 3 still applies to "The Bar".
  7. Do not bump old topics. You will be banned if you do so. This will be excused if the person adds something useful or interesting to the conversation ( while staying within the rest of the forum rules, of course ).
  8. Do not purposely taunt or bully other players just to get a reaction out of them.
  9. Posting someone's personal content (pictures, contact information) without their consent is forbidden on these forums.

Teamspeak Rules

  1. You may not directly and/or indirectly advertise other servers over Lsrcr’s teamspeak. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from the server and Teamspeak as well.
  2. You may not poke spam other users. Doing so will result in your poke power being revoked.
  3. Abusing whisper is not allowed. It is annoying and one should know that.
  4. Bullying/Insulting/Provoking other players over TS is not allowed.

Discord Rules

  1. You may not directly and/or indirectly advertise other servers through the Half A Nerd Discord. Doing so will result in a permanent ban from the server and Discord as well. PMing a person whom you found on the HAN discord will be considered as advertisement.
  2. You may not spam tag other users/groups without a good reason, if someone was recently tagged, do not tag them again unless necessary.
  3. Bullying/insulting/provoking/disrespecting other players through the Half A Nerd discord is not allowed.

Regarding Loopholes

Abusing any/all loopholes at Lsrcr is considered as rule breaking and those found guilty shall be punished for it.